Mnemonics, Properties, Inside_Diameter

NameInside Diameter
Parents Property > Length > Diameter
DescriptionInside diameter of an entity, such as an item of drillstring equipment

Related children
Bore_Inside_Diameter Bore Inside Diameter
Borehole_Diameter Borehole Diameter
Casing_Inside_Diameter Casing ID
Choke_Size Choke Size
Conn_1_Inside_Diameter Connection 1 ID
Conn_2_Inside_Diameter Connection 2 ID
Drift_Diameter Drift Diameter
Eff_Inside_Diameter Effective ID
Hole_Inside_Diameter Hole Size
Max_Casing_Inside_Diameter Maximum Casing ID
Max_Manifold_Choke_Size Maximum Manifold Choke Size
Min_Casing_Inside_Diameter Minimum Casing ID
Min_Inside_Diameter Minimum ID
Nom_Inside_Diameter Nominal ID
Outer_Pipe_Inside_Diameter External Pipe Inside Diameter
Packer_Inside_Diameter Packer ID
Pass_Through_Diameter Pass-Through Diameter
Pipe_Inside_Diameter Pipe ID
Rat_Hole_Diameter Rat Hole Diameter
Riser_Internal_Diameter Riser ID
Valve_Inside_Diameter Valve Inside Diameter

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