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DescriptionDielectric Propagation Tool

Related channels
DEDP DPT Epsilon Deep after Invasion and Boundary Processing
DEFA DPT Epsilon (Dielectric Constant) Far
DEFB DPT Epsilon Far after Bed Boundary Processing
DEFN DPT Epsilon Near after Bed Boundary Processing
DEMX DPT Epsilon Mixed
DENE DPT Epsilon Near
DEX DPT Epsilon (Dielectric Constant) Crossed
DEXB DPT Epsilon Crossed after Bed Boundary Processing
DFA DPT Far Attenuation
DMA DPT Mixed Attenuation
DNA DPT Near Attenuation
DRDP DPT Resistivity Mixed After Invasion Processing
DRFA DPT Resistivity Far
DRFB DPT Resistivity Far after Bed Boundary Processing
DRMX DPT Resistivity Mixed
DRNB DPT Resistivity Near after Bed Boundary Processing
DRNE DPT Resistivity Near
DRX DPT Resistivity Crossed
DRXB DPT Resistivity Crossed after Bed Boundary Processing
DTVF DPT Valid Measurement Flag after Processing
DVMF DPT Valid Measurement Flag
MGEM Mud Gain Event Mark
PRSF DPT Invasion Processing Flag
PSF Phase Shift Far
PSM Phase Shift Medium
PSN Phase Shift Near
R1AM Receiver 1 Amplitude
R1P Receiver 1 Phase
R2AM Receiver 2 Amplitude
R2P Receiver 2 Phase
R3AM Receiver 3 Amplitude
R3P Receiver 3 Phase
R4AM Receiver 4 Amplitude
R4P Receiver 4 Phase

Related parameters
ARMG Additional Mud Resistivity Gain
CPSF Test Loop Phase Shift Far Calibration Constant
CPSM Test Loop Phase Shift Medium Calibration Constant
CPSN Test Loop Phase Shift Near Calibration Constant
DEM Deep Epsilon Matrix
EHC Epsilon Hydrocarbon
FSP Far Signal Parasitic
IMET DPT Inversion method for Post Processing
LR1A Test Loop R1 Amplitude
LR2A Test Loop R2 Amplitude
LR3A Test Loop R3 Amplitude
LR4A Test Loop R4 Amplitude
NSP Near Signal Parasitic
RCON Receivers Connect Control
TBR4 Test Box R4 Amplitude

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